Stay ahead of the next sea change with Trackcargo International Limited. Keep your supply chain flexible and globally connected. Unleash the global buying power and force of one of the world’s largest Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers—moving more than 120,000 TEUs annually. Bolster your bottom line without compromising lead times with flexible sailing options at exclusive market rates across multiple carriers. Make strategic moves—with real-time analytics and visibility—and the ability to lift and shift cargo between steamship lines to charter the smartest path to your customers using a fresh strategy tailored to your organization..


Elevate your momentum with air transportation. Level up customer loyalty with fast, reliable lead times to keep your organization on pace with fluctuating consumer demand cycles and constant industry disruption—continually shifting capabilities. Accelerate fulfillment for a positive customer experience in our on-demand delivery culture. Tap into greater value with competitive rates while navigating regulations across geographies—leveraging a powerful global presence. All while staying in control with a single operating system using real-time reporting and analytics through our convenient online portal.


What is Customs Clearance?


Before shipping various goods, a shipper may wonder what customs clearance means and how it’s relevant to their shipping options. Every international ocean freight shipment must meet the quota of customs clearance in each country.Customs clearance is a necessary procedure in permitting goods that are transported to a country through an authorized customs broker. Within this process, there’s also information regarding shipments with imports and exports with parties involved in the process.

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